Wisdom Teeth
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Illustration of an impacted wisdom tooth.Wisdom teeth are one of three molars that you have at the back of your mouth. Not everyone has wisdom teeth, but those that do typically have them erupt between ages 17 and 25. Not everyone has issues with their wisdom teeth, but most of our patients require wisdom tooth removal. This is because they can cause you problems and various uncomfortable symptoms. At Masci, Hale & Wilson Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry we typically need to remove wisdom teeth surgically.

Need for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is not always necessary, though we often provide it as a precaution anyway. Tooth extraction is necessary when your wisdom teeth are impacted, infected, causing damage to the surrounding tissues, developing incorrectly or shifting your other teeth, or causing you pain. Wisdom teeth can erupt at an angle, causing your other teeth to become misaligned. Not only is this a painful condition, but it also makes completing oral hygiene tasks very difficult. Bacteria can get trapped between your teeth easily, so it is crucial that we remove your wisdom teeth before they cause any major issues.

Removal Procedure

Before surgery, you will get both local and general anesthetic. Once these set in, which does not take long, we make a tiny incision in the gum covering your wisdom teeth. We may need to remove bone tissue to get access to the wisdom teeth. We may also need to remove the tooth in sections, depending on how impacted it is. In some instances, we can remove the whole tooth at once.

After we take out your wisdom teeth, our oral surgeon will sterilize the surgical site and suture the incision. We will also provide gauze to control the bleeding, though your blood will clot quickly after the tooth is removed. We repeat this process for each of your wisdom teeth. People typically have four in total, though you may have less.

We do not need to replace wisdom teeth, nor do we need to save the space. So, there are no follow-up procedures needed for dental restoration. You may come in for a follow-up appointment so that we can check your healing progress.

Wisdom Tooth Recovery

This is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to go home on the day of your surgery. Because of the general anesthetic, you will feel tired for the remainder of your day. The effects of local anesthetic can also last for a few hours.

Again, you will receive gauze to cover your incision and control any bleeding. It is normal to have slight bleeding and tenderness following the surgery. We recommend changing the gauze frequently and keeping the area clean to prevent infection. Use gauze as long as the area is still bleeding. You can use ice and over-the-counter pain medicine to control any tenderness or inflammation.

You will receive instructions for your food and drinks after surgery. Anesthesia can cause you to have a dry mouth, so we suggest drinking a lot of water. Your gums may be slightly sore after surgery, and anesthesia can make you feel a bit nauseous; soft foods and light meals are recommended. For more information on wisdom tooth removal, call Masci, Hale & Wilson Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry at 845-769-0160.


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Wisdom Teeth • Montgomery, NY • Masci & Hale Restorative Dentistry
At Masci & Hale Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry we typically need to remove wisdom teeth surgically. Click here, to learn more about it.
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